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If you are a competent DIY-er, then you might be considering doing your own roofing work, whether it be repairs or an entire replacement. But do-it-yourselfers beware: replacing a roof is not as simple of a project as it may seem from the outset. Many people are tempted to do their own roofing work because roofing projects are on the more expensive side, but the truth is you may end up spending even more in the long run than if you had just hired professional roofers from the beginning.


Roofing repair work is almost never the step-by-step process you want things to be if you are a novice at a project. Often times, further repairs come up during the project like needing to replace the planks or boards underneath the roof. This requires more materials and more time and more expertise than the original project. Professional roofers are equipped and educated on how to deal with these setbacks and usually come to expect them. So an unexpected repair might cause days or weeks of delay on your part, but may only take the roofers a couple extra hours.

Roofing in Barrie, OntarioThe nature of a roofing project makes it a time-sensitive thing. You don’t want your home to be exposed to the elements for any longer than it needs to be. Most roofers can complete a roofing project in 2-3 days with a whole team working on the project. The sheer amount of work coupled and your lack of experience mean it could take you weeks to complete the project, leaving your home exposed to the elements all that time, not to mention tying up all of your free time for the duration of the project.

Roofing work is also dangerous. You are working up high, and falls can and do happen. Roofers have insurance for this type of thing. If you end up having a bad fall, not only will you be stuck with medical bills, but it could take you out of your day job, as well.

Roofing work is not something to mess around with. Let our pros here at Peak Performance Roofing & Exteriors get the job done right.