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Part of the reason you have decided against taking care of your home’s roofing repair or replacement is because you know how dangerous it can be. Even a single-storey home has a roof that is 12 to 15 feet up from the ground. That is a long drop, particularly if there isn’t anything soft to land on. When you add in the nailing guns, going up and down ladders, out-of-the-blue lightning storms, debris flying around, and more, you can probably understand why safety is key for roofers. That is why, when you hire roofers, you want to know that they have a safety plan in place. Why should you care? There are a number of ways this can affect you.


  • RoofersFault – Could you be held liable for an accident if a worker fell off your roof? Sometimes, yes. Furthermore, if you see a hazard or unsafe situation for the roofers and do not act, you could be held liable. Choosing roofers who are well insured will help protect you. You should also make sure to discuss the safety plan they have in place. For example, make sure they plan to use full body harnesses and that they have quality equipment. Also be sure the roofers are experienced and well trained.
  • Delay – Although the most minor of the ways an accident can affect you, if something happens to the roofers on your job, you can expect at least a small delay in the completion of your project. This could be lengthy if an investigation is needed. To avoid delays for minor injuries, be sure your roofers have a sufficiently staffed crew to be able to cover a worker who is temporarily off the job.

At Peak Performance Roofing & Exteriors in Barrie, Ontario, we care about the safety of our roofers even more than you do. They are part of our family, and we go to great lengths to protect them, and thus you in the process. Feel free to ask us about our safety plan and what we do to safeguard your project and everyone concerned.

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