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Vinyl Siding, Barrie, ON

If you’re looking to add or replace the vinyl siding at your Barrie home, contact our team of professionals.

Vinyl Siding in Barrie, Ontario
Vinyl siding is one of the leading options for residential properties in Canada. It appeared as an option more than 50 years ago, but at that time, it wasn’t as popular due to poor construction and cheap materials. Since then, vinyl siding has become much better quality, so it’s increasing in popularity. More than 30% of new construction in the residential industry has vinyl materials because using vinyl comes with a lot of benefits. It’s basically maintenance-free and resists rot, which is common to wood, as well as termites and other pests. The only task required is cleaning the siding with water about once a year to maintain its attractive appearance.

Vinyl siding is also more durable than other materials, so it can withstand all types of changing weather conditions. Here in the Barrie, Ontario area, the climate changes drastically throughout the year, but your home’s exterior will stay in good shape through rain, sunshine, snow, and wind. Choosing vinyl siding is also cheaper up front. Even with professional installation, the cost could be as much as $10,000 less than wood siding. With vinyl siding, you can also enjoy decreased utility bills, since this type of material acts as a thermal bridge between the studs in exterior walls, keeping warmth in during the winter and out during the summer.

If you’re looking to add or replace the vinyl siding at your Barrie home, contact our team of professionals at Peak Performance Roofing & Exteriors. We do more than just roofing, and siding installation is one area in which we excel.

At Peak Performance Roofing & Exteriors, we install vinyl siding in Barrie, Alliston, Collingwood, Orillia, Innisfil, Angus, Midhurst, and Midland, Ontario.

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