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Today’s homes are very well insulated, so sometimes your first clue that a major storm has blown through isn’t hearing or feeling it– it’s usually walking outdoors afterwards and seeing debris all over your lawn and neighborhood. While you’d definitely know if something large fell on your roof, you may not realize that you do need roof storm damage repair if it was more minor than that. The best thing to do after any storm is walk around your home and inspect the roof for any missing shingles. It is also not a bad idea to go into the attic to look for water damage from a leaking area of the roof. It is important to do this inspection so you can get roof storm damage repair done pronto. Here’s why:
Roof Storm Damage Repair

  • Leaks – Even if you aren’t seeing any water come through into the living space, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a leak. Water follows the path of least resistance, and often that means flowing down the middle of the walls. It might also not be enough damage to bring about a flood of water, but any water creates damage and leads to mold, mildew, and infestations by insects and possibly rodents.
  • Insurance – You only have a set period of time to put in a claim after suffering roof damage from a storm. After that, the insurance company will consider it just normal wear and tear and deny the claim in most cases.
  • Cost – If you need roof storm damage repair, it is likely that others in your neighborhood do also. When this is the case, roofing companies often offer a lower price, since they can combine jobs while in the area. If you wait till everyone else has done their roof storm damage repair, that potential savings is lost.

At Peak Performance Roofing & Exteriors in Barrie, Ontario, we understand that sometimes you are just thankful the storm wasn’t worse and don’t even consider that you could need roof storm damage repair. Whether you realize it right away or down the road, give us a call, and we’ll work with you to give you the quality you deserve at a fair price. We can even come out and inspect it for you after a storm if you just aren’t sure whether you need roof storm damage repair. Call us today and let us help you preserve your largest investment.