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Roofing Maintenance: What's Involved and How Often

There are some maintenance matters that you need to take care of frequently, but roofing maintenance isn’t one of them. Or is it? It might surprise you just how quickly a small roofing problem can become a costly issue, so keeping up with roofing maintenance is more important than you might think. There are tasks you should take care of each week, month, and year that will help you get the longest life from your home’s roof.

  • Weekly – As you mow the lawn or shovel snow off the walkway, take a glance up and check your roof for anything sitting on it that may have blown there in a storm. While you don’t have to climb up there to take off small debris, if it is large enough that it could cause harm if blown across your roof more, it should be taken down.
  • Monthly – At least once a month, take a closer look at the eavestroughs to make sure they haven’t filled with debris and become clogged. This is particularly important during the fall. This is also a good time to go up in the attic and look around for any signs of leaks. A careful inspection should always be done after a storm.
  • AnnuallyHave a professional inspect your home’s roof thoroughly. They know the right way to check it out without potentially causing the exact problems you are hoping not to find and while you keep your feet safely on the ground.

If you suspect a problem after observing an issue during your weekly or monthly roofing maintenance or would like to schedule an inspection, give us a call at Peak Performance Roofing & Exteriors. We will inspect your Barrie, Ontario home’s roof and provide repairs if needed so that your home will not suffer water damage and subsequent issues. We look forward to serving your roofing needs now and in the future!

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