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How to Choose Between Roof Repairs and Replacement

Remember the old habit of darning socks and stitching up clothing rather than buying new? Those were the ultra-frugal days that many of us alive today may never have experienced. That doesn’t mean we don’t try to save money, which is why if your home’s roof is leaking, you probably want to go with the lowest cost solution possible. The question is whether that means roof repairs or a full replacement.

Consider the extent of the damage involved. For example, if a tree branch has caused just one area to fail and the rest of the roof is still in good shape, it might make more sense to proceed with roof repairs even if the area is fairly large. However, be sure to get a quote for a full replacement as well because if the area is large enough, it could actually be more expensive to do a partial reroof.

The age of the roof should also be considered. If a storm has blown off only a few shingles and you are thinking roof repairs is the way to go, you should note that if it is an older roof that was weak enough to lose shingles in a storm. Have your roofer assess how much of the shingle granules are gone and if there are signs of buckling or curling present that would indicate a new roof is needed.

Finally, consider your budget for now and the long term. Roof repairs can be a softer hit to your wallet now, but if you really need a new roof, you just spent money that could have contributed to paying for the new one.

The best advice about choosing roof repairs or replacement is seeking input from a reliable, trustworthy, and dedicated roofing company. You’ll always get an honest assessment about your Barrie, Ontario roof when you call us at Peak Performance Roofing & Exteriors. Our main goal has always been to build a company you can trust and give you quality without limits you can depend on. Contact us today to learn more!

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