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How Do I Know When I Need a Roof Repair?
Have you ever wondered what your roof looks like from above? Very rarely do we inspect our roofs because they are often hard to access and dangerous to be on. Often, you don’t realize you need a roof repair or replacement until it’s too late and there has been a lot of damage. Occasionally self-inspecting your roof can save you time, money and energy in the long run. Here are some things to look for during a self-inspection of your roof:

  1. Cracked or missing shingles- Cracked or missing shingles often mean that your roof is approaching the end if its lifespan. Cracked shingles can sometimes allow water to seep through, possibly causing undetected water damage.
  2. Curling shingles- Curling shingles, a sign of excessive heat, are susceptible to wind damage. It is better to replace these sooner rather than later.
  3. Higher energy bills- If you are regularly tracking your air conditioning and heating costs and notice a sudden increase, that may be a sign that warm or cold air is seeping through your roof.

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It is a good idea to inspect your roof after severe weather. A minor roof repair is faster, easier and cheaper than a total roof replacement. Periodically take notes or pictures of your shingles so you are aware of the condition of your roof overtime.  Need help with an inspection?  Give us a call. At Peak Performance Roofing & Exteriors, we have more than 10 years of roof repair and installation experience.

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