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When you want to put new siding on your home, at first all you know is that you want that old stuff you have to scrape and paint every few years to go away. You did your research and have whittled down the options to two that you like: vinyl and aluminum siding. Now you are stuck trying to decide which is better. The thing is, “better” is a subjective word in this case because they each have advantages and disadvantages. With the information in this article, you’ll be able to choose the better choice for your needs.

Choosing Between Vinyl and Aluminum Siding

  • Vinyl Siding – When Canadian homes first started switching over to vinyl siding, many were grossly dissatisfied. The material was simply not able to withstand the conditions here, primarily the cold temperatures. It cracked easily and was definitely not strong enough for active children. However, there are excellent vinyl siding materials on the market today. Oddly enough, the cheap stuff still is, too, so be careful which you buy. The higher the mil thickness number, the better the material. Shoot for 48 mil if you want high quality, or 44 mil for standard. The main advantage of vinyl siding is that it usually rebounds when it has been struck. It also will not be noticeable if scratched.
  • Aluminum Siding – Aluminum siding is thicker than vinyl, with the best product being 53 gauge. Don’t get confused by aluminum being rated by gauge and vinyl being in mils. They mean the same thing in terms of thickness. The advantage of aluminum siding is that it is more unlikely to gap and let water behind it, even during extreme temperatures. On the downside, damage is more evident. A scratch will show, and getting struck will result in a dent.

SidingBoth vinyl and aluminum siding can be used in conjunction with other materials. Using them on the upper levels while keeping brick or stucco on the lower half is a common architectural choice that puts the even stronger materials at ground level where damage is more common.

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