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vinyl sidingShould you choose vinyl siding or metal siding? Here are a few of the pros and cons of each material.

Vinyl Siding

When it comes to popularity, vinyl siding is most commonly used among homeowners. This is because there are a lot of vinyl options, styles and models. There is flexibility with color, size and texture. Not only can vinyl siding be more diverse, but also is most affordable.  Vinyl siding is less expensive to purchase and install and also requires minimal maintenance and upkeep once installed. Vinyl siding also offers extra insulation that helps prohibit cool air from escaping the home. Unfortunately, over time, vinyl siding can become faded in the sun. Extreme weather can also crack and chip the siding. In the case of a fire, it can melt, warp and emit toxic fumes.

Metal Siding

When it comes to metal siding, you often have the choice between aluminum and steel.  Metal siding, like metal roofing, is very energy efficient. In extreme cold weather, the metal acts as an insulator and keeps the warm air inside your home.  It also lasts longer in colder climates than ay other siding.  The only threat to metal siding is large, violet hail or golf balls. Installation is simple and costs are low. As far as looks are concerned, metal is versatile because it is easily painted which adds an extra layer of protection.

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