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Homeowners often think that one roofing company is about the same as any other. They concentrate more on choosing the materials than taking the time to check out the roofing company. This can be a huge mistake. If you think about it, the reason you are not planning to replace your roof yourself is because you lack the experience to do it right. So, you already recognize that talent and training are valuable. So, why would you want anything less than that when you are paying them? Here are a few things to look for when choosing a roofing company, and why.

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  • Roofing CompanyExperience – Everyone knows you want someone with experience, but do you know why? One sobering fact will bring it home. The best quality shingles put on incorrectly will typically fail in less than a year. The best quality shingles put on so-so may last 10-12 years. The best quality shingles put on with excellence could last you 20 years or more. See the importance of choosing a high-quality roofing company now?
  • Insurance – Do you know what happens if a worker falls off your roof and the roofing company does not have the proper insurance? You are on the hook! While you are at it, make sure they are licensed, too, or you could end up with your county code enforcement knocking on your door.
  • Financial Stability – It is tempting to go with the lowest bid, even when it is ridiculously low, but that is usually a sign the roofing company is in trouble. That is risky for a number of reasons. They could have inadequate equipment or they could be planning not to pay the workers well, which means they won’t do a good job. They are also likely to cut corners and definitely won’t be standing behind any warranty they tell you.

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