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You probably don’t spend a lot of time on your roof, so it may not be obvious when it’s time for roof repairs. However, it’s important to schedule an annual roofing inspection to identify signs of damage and fix minor problems before they turn into major issues. You can also watch out for these six signs that you need to call us at Peak Performance Roofing & Exteriors for roof repairs.

6 Signs That You Need Roof Repairs

6 Signs That You Need Roof Repairs

1.  Damaged Shingles– When you’re cleaning your gutters, look for any shingles that are curling, damaged, missing, or showing any other signs of wear and tear.
2.  Algae or Fungus Growth- If your roof is starting to grow biological substances like these, lead control or zinc strips should be installed.
3.  Rust– If rust develops on the metal areas of your roof, that is a sign that it’s starting to deteriorate.
4.  Damaged Caulking– If the caulking around your joints and chimneys appears to be deteriorating or cracked, it needs to be sealed.
5.  Snow- During the winter, a thick layer of snow accumulating on top of your roof can lead to roof damage or even a full or partial roof collapse.
6.  Granules in Your Gutters– Shingles in need of replacement will shed granules, which often collect in gutter systems.

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